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PREFLIGHT - Preflighting a Peterson airplane is the same as any standard Cessna 182 except for two key areas.
CHECKLIST - The key items Todd covers with new owners. Included are: oil level, max RPM, CHTs on take off, cruise RPM / MP, cruise CHT, shock cooling, and flap settings for landing.
WHICH MODEL FLIES BETTER? - Todd compares power and aerodynamics to determine flying requirements.  Why all Peterson models share the same great handling characteristics.
THE PROPER USE OF FLAPS - For those who have been told by backcountry instructors to always use full flaps, this will be helpful.
TIPS FOR A NORMAL APPROACH - What may be normal in other airplanes does not necessarily apply to a canard equipped 182. Todd offers tips for a perfect landing every time.
SETTING UP A SHORT FIELD APPROACH - Taken from inside the cockpit with real-time narration by Todd, this video shows how it is done in a Peterson airplane.
STOL TECHNIQUE - Take Off and Landing demonstrations with interior and exterior shots. Once mastered, these techniques will also work in turbulence and crosswinds.
STARTING A FUEL INJECTED ENGINE - It's a little bit different than a carbureted engine.  Here is Todd's recommended technique.
HOT STARTS - Hot starting a fuel injected engine can be tricky but this simple and easy technique works like a charm.  And if the engine has cooled a bit, here's what to do.
THE CANARD - "What's that thing do for you?" Todd explains the vital role the canard plays in the safety and performance of all Peterson models. .
REMOVING THE COWLING - Avoid nasty scratches in that beautiful paint by following these simple steps any time the lower cowl is removed. Share this one with your mechanic!
BEST IO550 INSTALLATION - Todd addresses how his conversion overcomes known problems with other 520 & 550 installations.
NEED MORE SPEED? - The King Katmai is much more than a backcountry airplane. The XS configuration can cruise comfortably at much higher speeds.
CUSTOMIZING - The Katmai can be customized to suit any pilot's desires. Some of many options can be seen in these videos.
LOP OPERATION - Properly configured, the IO550's fuel-injection system can comfortably run Lean Of Peak at cruise with big fuel savings.

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