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The Katmai and the 260SE both represent a major breakthrough in the field of high performance safe, STOL aircraft. They provide performance and safety previously thought impossible to obtain in a single aircraft.

Climb aboard and experience performance you have never known before. Both the Katmai and the 260SE feel comfortable and safe for you and your family. Remember that dream of discovering remote hideaways? Or flying your family a thousand miles cross country at 173 miles per hour? Or having an airplane that gives you safety when the chips are down? Now it's no longer a dream.
Now it can be sitting at your airport, in your hangar.

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"I am more convinced than ever that if one is in the field of building back country airplanes, it is essential to take the bird into the most difficult strips.  It is not only a process of identifying necessary enhancements, in addition, it clearly demonstrates the airplane is capable of doing the job." - Todd Peterson
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The Katmai’s nose mounted Canard minimizes the chance of damaging the nose wheel, lowers the stall speed, provides superior stall resistance, improves slow speed maneuverability, and reduces take off and landing distances while improving over the nose visibility at ultra slow speeds.
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The Katmai’s advanced aerodynamics provide additional lift for those ultra-short back country sites. On take off the airplane transitions into a safe flat attitude signaling the Katmai is now ahead of the power curve. At this point steep turns may be made safely. An engine failure on take off does not present a hazard, and an emergency landing may be made safely.

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The Katmai provides for a wide variety of easily interchangeable landing gear options.  The gear legs have anti-abrasion Stainless Steel leading edges. The brake lines are protected from damage by the landing gear leg and heavy duty brakes are utilized. Shown here are the 29 inch Alaskan Bushwheels with an 8.50x6 nose wheel.

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The Katmai offers a wide variety of interior configurations and can be quickly reconfigured from a full four place airplane to a two place ready for the back country. Its huge eight foot long cargo area will carry a complete camp site including your favorite family dog. The flat floor allows for the loading of oversize freight such as thirty gallon drums, and up to twelve tie down rings are easily installed to secure your cargo. Just think. The next time you go camping, hiking, hunting or fishing you can take a tent, cots, sleeping bags, coolers, stove, lights, a private privy for your “significant other”, chairs, fishing poles, rifles, bicycles, hiking gear, etc. You name it and you can pretty much figure on taking it.

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Katmai options include an onboard standby generator. This generator can be used to charge a dead battery, air up tires, preheat your engine, run an electric chain saw, even power up a camp site. How about a special harness for your favorite dog that restricts cabin access, affords protection in turbulence yet allows for freedom of movement. The list of special Katmai options just goes on and on.

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The Katmai, with its superior slow speed performance, maneuverability and safety is also the only STOL aircraft produced that offers an optional ballistic airframe parachute. The BRS Parachute has proven itself a life-saver in many situations. When you combine the Katmai’s superior ability to fly low and slow into the smallest clearings, with the safety of the BRS Parachute option, you have the worlds safest, easiest-to-fly, airplane.

Interior View      Exterior View

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Custom avionics can easily be configured. As the Katmai is a true IFR capable airplane, the panel can be tailored for the back country flier or the business traveler.

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Because of the Katmai’s improved aerodynamics, turns may be made safely immediately after take off or before a landing. The Katmai’s safe flat attitude at ultra slow speeds provides for superior stall resistance and maneuverability not seen before in other aircraft. The Katmai provides unparalleled versatility, performance and safety.
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The Katmai is equally at home flying into and out of large hub airports. This remarkable airplane is capable of flying at speeds of up to 120 knots in the pattern.  It makes no difference to the Katmai whether it flies out of a paved 7,000 foot runway at an international airport or a 400 foot rough, back-country site. This is the definition of true versatility.
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The above video segments are from the Katmai video brochure.  To request the complete Katmai DVD, please contact us. Click the email link below.

Video and Still Images by Bill Roberts Enterprises


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